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Struggling with Stress in Spring

So many of us love the feeling that the spring season gives us, because most of are tired of the dreadfulness that winter tends to stir up. However, what most of us don't realize is that sometimes spring can be just as dreadful as winter when it comes to our emotional state.

ANXIETY and STRESS are at an all time high right now, even though spring is here and we have gained more daylight at night. Why is this? Shouldn't the blooming of flowers, and the warmer weather automatically bring out the peace and calmness in each of us?

The truth is that our anxiety and stress isn't tied to the weather, because we are to stressed to take any time to enjoy it. So what exactly is CAUSING this SEASON OF STRESS?

These are the TOP THREE reasons that I have found to cause us stress in the spring...


We are in the home stretch for school and the PRESSURE IS ON. There is pressure to raise grades from the fall term or there is pressure to maintain your grades until the end so they don't slip. Spring also seems to be the season for state testing which is stressful all on it's own.

As for my college girls I know that midterms are happening, and the large papers are being piled on from what seems like every professor.

Here are some hopefully helpful tips to better manage your school stress

i. take a break from time to time (when doing H.W)

ii. prioritize your assignment by importance and difficulty

iii. take it day by day


Have you noticed that you are starting to feel a little more stressed when your with friends lately? Everything they do kind of annoys you and your starting to distance yourself? Well it is that time of the year where you are starting to get tired of being with your friend group 24/7.

Whether it is hanging out, doing sleepovers, working on projects, or snap(ping) back and forth, it is pretty typical to get annoyed with your friend group this time of year. Sometimes we don't even realize that our annoyance with our friends is actually stressing us out. When our friend groups change or shift or even separates that can cause a spike in our stress levels.

If your friend group seems to be a source of stress here are some things to consider

i. it's a normal progression for friends to change, so it is nothing on you personally

ii. take some time away from friends & hang out by yourself or with your family (if you can handle that)

iii. don't be afraid to meet some other peers


This can be linked to the friend stress, but I think it is important enough to mark it as it's own source of stress!! Social media has completely taken over our lives, whether we are looking through the insta feed or keeping up with our snap streaks. Listen, I am just as guilty when it comes to spending way to much time on my social media comparing my life to someone's picture perfect posts.

However, did you know that the more time that we spend on our social media is spikes our stress levels? Whether it's comparing our blooper reel to someone's highlight reel or watching our snap streak grow.

So I want to challenge us (YES EVEN MYSELF) to take a break from social media for just a couple days (only 2-3 days). I know that sounds like an IMPOSSIBLE and CRUEL task. However I have found (and even heard from girls your age) that those who give it up for a couple days feel lighter and tend to have less stress.

I am obviously not going to force you to take a break from social media. I am simply suggesting to try it to see if it doesn't lower your stress( of course after the first 24 hours of shock of not having it).

Ladies I am hoping that taking a look at these three areas in your life to be a possible source of stress, helps you find ways to destress a little bit.

Reminder: Stress is inevitable, but being paralyzed by it doesn't have to be.

-Until Next Time Ladies

Anastasia Brokas (RMFT)

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