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I am so honored that you stopped by to find out a little bit more about me.

So I was born in Bulgaria but adopted by 3 1/2 years old, and grew up in Pennsylvania. I am the oldest of 6 kids, and honestly didn't take to well to the responsibility that came with it. I then found myself struggling with paralyzing anxiety and crippling depression all throughout my middle and high school years. I felt as though I had lost my mind and that my life was over at the age of 17, but no one ever knew a thing. It wasn't until I started attending college that I sought out professional help, and learned to work through my mental/emotional struggles.


More importantly I became firm in my faith, in which I felt my purpose was restored. I will get more in depth about my journey to healing in the blog posts, because its too much to share here.


So why Florida?

I ended up in Florida because I attended Southeastern University, and honestly just never left. 

Oh yeah, I also met a cute Floridian boy in college and ended up marrying him. 

Some Random Fun Facts: 

Oprah is my role model, I love my coffee black, and I prefer actual books over audiobooks 



Where I Work

I am a full time counselor at Raising Teen Girls, in Florida. 


I honestly love what I do and love the ladies I get to work with. 

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Southeastern University:

Received a Masters of Science in

Marriage and Family Therapy

Southeastern University:

Received a Bachelors in Human Services

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