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The Brokas Counseling website is something that I have been working on for a couple months now, and I can't believe that it is finally here. This is something that I have been wanting to pursue for a long time but had been to scared to do so. However, I am now thrilled to say that this website is no longer a dream but has become a reality.

This will be a site that will provide information of what my services are, but more importantly a place for girls & young women to come and feel encouraged and empowered. Through the use of written blogs, and even some videos, there will be posts on a regular basis. Theses posts will be addressing everything and anything that girls/young women are trying to figure out and are dealing with. The posts will address topics like how to deal with your first break-up without posting it all over social media, to how to figure out whats next after college will be shared on this site.

THRIVING is a state that I want girls/young women in this generation to be at. I would love to see this generation of girls/young women learn how to embrace who they are in the season they are in, and learn how to deal with the hardships in life in a healthy way. I believe this culture feeds girls/young women unhealthy ways to deal with conflict, deal with relationships, and more importantly themselves. Through research, shared stories, and personal experience this site will share different how to's and what not's to THRIVING as a girl/young woman in this culture.

I am so honored and ecited that you have decided to come along and join this journey with Brokas Counseling. Please feel free to leave comments & email me. I would love to hear from you.

-Anastasia B

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