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10 Things I Have Learned in 10 Years

I want to first acknowledge the fact that we are about to enter INTO A NEW DECADE. What is even more surprising to me, is the growing up and the MAJOR life changes that took place in my life in the past 10 years. To name a few: I got married, I graduated with a bachelors and a masters, I started working at my dream job, started a business, and learned to play piano. If I am honest, I feel like these past ten years have been some of the hardest yet most defining years of my life. However, before I get too mushy in this post I want to dive into the 10 main things that I learned in this decade.


1. Being Kind Isn't A Weakness

Kindness is the ability to see people as humans who crave connection and for someone to see them. I think it takes incredible strength to be able to see that and do something about it.

2. Being An Introvert Isn't An Excuse to Isolate

For the longest time, I would use my label of being an introvert as an excuse to isolate myself and not be around any kind of community. Truth is, as humans we were made to connect to other humans whether it's to 5 or 50 of them.

3. Failure Isn't Definitive but Should Be An Initiative

I don't need to be 'extra', I don't need to constantly perform, I don't need to prove my self-worth, and I don't need to act as though I am someones second it can be the initiative I need to try it again or try something new.

4. Past Mistakes Don't Define Future Outcomes

There were a lot of stupid things that I did or mistakes that I made growing up that I was scared would define the rest of my life. I have realized though that those mistakes I made turned into lessons, not a label.


I told myself for so long that I don't need female friends because they are drama and too much. However, as I continue to grow and mature it is evident that females need female friends.

6. Hardships Don't Mean You're in the Wrong Place

I genuinely believed that if it was too hard, then it meant it wasn't for me or that I wasn't meant to be doing it (crazy I know). This decade has taught me that some of the hardest times in my life were preparation for my purpose.

7. My Voice Is Needed

I grew up a quiet kid who didn't ever really share my honest thoughts or opinions, because I believed my voice/opinion had no value. I am realizing more than ever now, my voice is needed & I have something of value to share.

8. Investing in Myself Is A Necessity

When I invest in myself, I become a better and healthier version of myself. Whether it is investing finanically, relationally, or just with time; investing in me is a necessity, not a selfish act.

9. Relationship with Jesus is Everything

I gave my heart to the Lord (for real) at the beginning of this decade, even though I grew up in a Christian home. So this decade has shown me how having a personal relationship with Jesus is EVERYTHING.


I don't need to be 'extra', I don't need to constantly perform, I don't need to prove my self worth, and I don't need to act as though I am someones second choice. I AM ENOUGH!


Like I said this decade has been filled with some of the most defining years and moments of my life, but I am also aware that this is just the beginning.

I am looking forward to what this next decade is going to teach me.

Let's do it 2020

Until Next Time:

Stasia B

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