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Tip 7: Dealing with Depression (pt 1)


1. Acknowledge the Struggle
Oftentimes with depression, we try to hide the fact that we are struggling. Either we feel ashamed, or we feel embarrassed that we are struggling so we tend to deny or hide the depression we are fighting. However the way that depression works is that the more that we deny it, suppress it or ignore it the more it will ruminate within us and become bigger. It is almost like a small monster that grows every time we bypass it until it gets to the point where it overtakes us. So it is important to be intentional about acknowledging the fact you are in a depressive episode and that you are struggling. When we acknowledge the struggle we take the power back, which will give us the ability to work through it instead of being defeated by it.

2. Create a Routine
Ok this is something that I know you will not feel like doing, but make the decision to have some sort of routine is a way to work through and combat your depression. The great thing about routines is that you can create one that works for you. So it could be as simple as making yourself get up by 8am every morning, or making yourself meditate for a couple minutes, or read 3 affirmations over yourself before starting your day. There are so many things you can do, but having a routine creates a sense of purpose and gives us a reason to keep going even if we don’t feel like we can.

3. Make an Daily Effort to Get Outside
This is something that may seem simple, but when you are in that depressive episode or find yourself in a season really struggling this is something that will take effort. I know that we have officially all set our clocks back an hour which means it gets darker earlier, so it may seem like it is hard to get outside. However, even if you get 10-15 min outside it can make a world of a difference in how you feel.

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