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Tip 4: Setting Boundaries



Tip 1: Be Mindful of What Your Feeding Your Mind
Be intentional on what you are constantly and consistently feeding your is important to recognize that what we watch and listen to affects how our mind perceives certain things in our life. For example, if we love binging true crime shows (which trust me I have been guilty of) we are more likely to feed our mind that everyone is dangerous and it will feed into anxiety. So learning to be mindful of what we are watching and allowing our mind to soak in is a way to set some boundaries for our mind

Tip 2: Take Inventory on Your Close Relationships
This is always one of the harder ones and easier to hear than to actually do. It is important to learn to reflect how you are feeling around those in your life. Emotional boundaries will require you to be aware of who is affecting you emotionally. Who is draining you? Who is bringing life? Who makes you feel negative and worse after hanging around them?

Tip 3 State Your Needs & Expectations
Not only is it important to set some boundaries but the second part of it is learning to share those boundaries. Oftentimes in our minds we have the boundary set, but don't share them or actually state them in any way. We can’t expect people to respect our boundaries if we don’t share them. It's helpful that not only do we clearly state them but invite a close/safe/trusted person into your process for encouragement and accountability reasons. It can also help if we write down our expectations so it keeps accountable as well. Sometimes we can be a little scared to share things because once we do then we are held accountable, but boundaries is an area that we just need to bite the bullet and state them.

Tip 4: Say No When Your Capacity is Maxed Out
This was one of the harder ones for me because #1 I am a people pleaser and #2 I have serious fomo. However, it is so important to learn to say no to things when we are maxed out. We all have different cups of capacity emotionally and mentally and it is important to honor that and sometimes that means saying no. We need to be mindful and aware of when we are drained and boundaries have been dismissed and more importantly we need to know how to honor our cups of capacity and be bold in setting and maintaining our boundaries

Truth is setting boundaries can be hard for a lot of us, but it's something that once we learn how to do, we won’t regret doing it. our emotions, our mind...honestly just who we are as

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