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Tip 3: Finding a Therapist


Hey Friends, it is your host and therapist Anastasia here and I am so excited that you joined me today. Have you ever found yourself wanting to start therapy and stuck on what steps you need to take? Have you ever wondered how to look for the right therapist for me, but again felt lost on where to start? Then this episode is perfect for you because that is what I will be sharing tips on today's episode. I am going to share some tips on finding a therapist and how to start the therapy process. I hope you enjoy today's episode and find yourself feeling encouraged and empowered to take the first steps in starting your therapy process.
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Ok it's time to jump into the episode so let's dive on in

Ok as always, I want to share my personal experience before I jump into my professional “expertise” on what it looks like to find a therapist. Growing up I really dealt with paralyzing anxiety and debilitating depression that heightened in HS. I knew that I was in desperate need of some sort of professional help, but I was too ashamed and scared to reach out and to be honest didn’t even know where to start. It wasn’t until I got to college and had a complete panic attack that I realized I needed to find a therapist before I go down a really destructive and unhealthy path. So I just googled the phrase local therapists and a list of them came up. Long story short I eventually found one that I was able to meet with for a season and it ended up being a huge help. Therapy is something that was difficult for me to start, but something I never regretted doing. To be honest, the hardest part is the first step and reaching out. So I wanted to take some today and share some things to keep in mind when looking for that therapist and making that first step.

So let’s dive into the tips of the day

Start with Some Basic Research
Psychology Today
Insurance Compliance
Sometimes starting off with your insurance to see what they cover can help bring clarity on who and where to look
Be Sure to Ask Questions: understanding the consultation process
Be sure to call/email
Out of pocket? Sliding scale? Full price?
Therapy practices used
Try Some Out: understanding the intake session
You have the right to ask them questions to get to them
What can I expect from you as a therapist?
If it isn't a fit, it is ok to change and the therapist should provided references to check out
Different therapist will connect with people differently
Be mindful of how you feel and take your time in making the decision
You shouldn’t feel pressure or be forced to sign up for so many sessions after the intake session

I know that starting therapy and finding the therapist that works best for you can be overwhelming and seem impossible, but I am going to encourage you to make the step forward to start. I know that therapy is something that I do, but more importantly it is something I am passionate about because I know the power of it. It is ok to be nervous and hesitant, but I really believe that once you find the right therapist for you it will be a decision you won’t regret making.

Thanks for Tuning in, I hope you will join me next Thursday.

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