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Tip 1: Finding Routine


I wanted the first tip that we discuss here on this podcast is ways that we can incorporate a routine in our lives again. If you are anything like me, this whole COVID thing has thrown off my routine and it has been hard to find a new routine for the new season. For a while i found myself just trying to make my ‘old’ routine work for this new season, and it ended up causing more frustration and chaos in my life. However, as I have been learning it is important to find a routine that not only works for you but that works for you in this season. I have been working on routines and ways to create them with my clients, and it has been something most of them have been struggling with (like I did). However, one of the most common phrases that I hear when it comes to the struggle of finding routines is ‘im just not a routine person.’ everytime i hear that, I challenge that thought and say I don’t think you're a routine person, but maybe we just haven’t found the right routine for you. I know with schools back in swing (well as much as possible) it is going to be important that we get some sort of routine to swing into so we end up succeeding this year. So let's talk through some tips that may be able help to create a routine that will work for the season we are in

Set small achievable goals
Focus on small things you can achieve
Don’t dismiss small steps because they are part of the big change
Make it work for you
We often try to implement ‘the norm’ routine
Routines are meant to work for you, challenge you but also work for you
Give it time
Implementing small changes will take time to see big change
Like working out but not seeing immediate results

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