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Anxiety Freebie


What is Generalized Anxiety
‘Excessive anxiety and worry (apprehensive expectation), occurring more days than not for at least 6 months, about a number of events or activities (such as work or school performance)’ (DSM-V)

Common Signs of Anxiety

Change in Diet: overeating or restricted eating
Sleep Pattern Changes: little rest to no rest & waking up often
Heart Racing: on a frequent basis
Physical Tics & Movement: constant hand/foot tapping
Physically Ill: stomach pains & frequent trips to the bathroom
Secluding Self: from friends & saying no to hanging out
(these are just a few of the symptoms that can present themselves)

How to Be Proactive with Your Anxiety

Physical Exercise: moving your bodies release endorphins that help bring sense of calmness
Time Outside: fresh air has been proven to make us feel better and help re-center us
Intentional Rest: taking time frequently to recharge your mental & emotional health battery (not necessarily sleeping)
Mental Health Check-In: scheduling monthly mental health check-ins with a counselor or a trusted and qualified mentor
Practicing Mindfulness: taking time to teach your mind to focus on other things that we can actually control
Journaling: writing down your worries and things you are thinking about on a frequent basis

Riding the Wave

When dealing with an anxiety attack remember to RIDE THE WAVE. Instead of trying to fight the feelings of anxiety that rush over you during an anxiety attack, it is important to find a safe space and just ride the wave. Like fighting the tide at the ocean, fighting the anxiety attack can cause more panic and damage. So again, like riding the wave when a tide takes you out at into the ocean, let the anxiety just happen and it will last shorter and it won’t feel as overpowering.

Final Reminder

Anxiety can be overwhelming, and sometimes scary in itself. The thing to remember is that as scary and as overwhelming anxiety can be, you are so much stronger than the anxiety so don’t let your mind convince you otherwise

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